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Posted by on Mar 12, 2017 in Wrongful Death | 0 comments

Accidents Resulting into Wrongful Death

Losing someone you love is already overwhelming on its own, but it can be more unbearable if it is the fault of somebody else. According to the website of the Amerio Law Firm, a negligent act or misconduct of another individual, company, or product, resulting into the death of another may be grounds for a wrongful death case.

Car Accidents
Car accidents can happen because of a lot of reasons, such as legitimate driver errors. But they can also occur because of the negligence on the part of the driver, designer of the vehicle, manufacturer of the vehicle’s parts, the maintenance provider of the vehicle or the road, or any other party. These kinds of accidents can involve enough force to inflict significant injuries and even deaths.

Dangerous Products
Designers and manufacturers may also be held liable for dangerous and defective products that have infiltrated the market, causing injury or death on unsuspecting customers. Some examples of such products include those that have toxic materials, sharp parts, and electricity or powering problems. Expired food, illegal materials, and age-inappropriate products may also be considered dangerous and defective.

Medical Errors
Health is a complicated matter, and any error on the side of health professionals may result into death. Of course, the worst deaths are those that involve the incompetence and negligence of these professionals. These tendencies of incompetence and negligence may come in the form of misdiagnosis, emergency room errors, anesthesia errors, surgical errors, and defective implants. Sometimes, these mistakes don’t directly cause the death, but they create unnecessary complications that may lead to it.

Premises Liability Cases
Owners and managers of properties should make sure that their premises are safe, especially if the premises are available to other people, such as customers and employees. Customers of swimming pools and resorts, amusement parks, retail spaces, and apartment rentals, are at risk of defective equipment and lack of safety procedures. Employees are also at risk of malfunctioning escalators, elevators, and other building equipment that may malfunction because of the lack of maintenance.

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