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Posted by on Apr 2, 2015 in Finances, Marriage | 0 comments

How Financial Problems can affect a Marriage

Ask any married couple — every single one of them has had their fair share of setbacks. It is a natural response; after all, that is what happens when you don’t always see eye to eye about some things. Kathleen Snyder’s Marriage Like New: Therapy for Couples website says that some disagreements can be healthy, as they promote collaboration and compromise with one another, helping each other see from another point of view. Nobody can be right about everything all the time and that extra voice from a different point of view can more than aid with someone’s personal growth.

However, more often enough for most married couples enters a third party that may threaten the foundation of the relationship: finances.

Financial instability or problems can become obstacles that can get in the way and cause havoc between couples. There is a lot of stress that comes with finances and this is more than understandable. Individually, a person collects debts and a credit history that needs paying off at some point and being married means that the pair of these individuals must share the burden of these setbacks – for better and for worse. Some people might even threaten and see divorce as the better option than admitting the defeat that surrounds the word “bankruptcy.”

It is nothing but a common misconception that bankruptcy is the end-all of those who are desperate and with no other option. In fact, more often than not, it is filing for bankruptcy that can save you from total destitution. The website of the bankruptcy lawyers of Hong Law, PLC, states that it is often filing for bankruptcy that allows some couples to pay off their debts in a way that gets them to financial freedom while still enjoying a happy, comfortable lifestyle that suits them and their profession. Not only that but the payment plans with bankruptcies can also clear credit histories, allowing for you and your partner to start anew without having to break anything off and away.

There are solutions to every problem and it does not always been giving something up to start again. Do not hesitate to call for help when you think that you really need it; the faster you ask for it, the sooner you need not fall into hasty, desperation-born decisions that you might regret later on.

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