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Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Tire-Related Accidents | 0 comments

Holding trucking companies liable in tire-related accidents

At some point, truck companies can be held liable in truck accidents even investigations showed that it was caused by a tire problem. Holding negligent parties in truck accidents for victims to possibly get financial assistance they need for recovery.

Defective truck tire is one of the causes of deadly truck accidents. Due to great number of tires, commercial truck tires are at high-risk of malfunctioning. Truck tires also easily deteriorate due to the truck’s heavy load. Though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration used to determine in a recall if a certain truck tire is defective, some truck owners or operators are negligent in addressing the problem. Truck tires are basically created and designed to be more durable compared to ordinary vehicle tires to withstand the immense size and weight of commercial trucks. Recalled truck tires may fail even if it is brand new.

Semi-trucks are at high risk of losing control and involved in rollover accidents if one or several of its tires suddenly burst due to defective sidewalls or defective tire tread. If truck owners or operators fail to address a tire recall, they can be held liable when their trucks are involved in accidents. Moreover, truck owners or companies can be held liable if they are reluctant or deliberately decide not to replace worn out tires. Truckers at some point over maximize the tires before replacing it as truck tires are often expensive. Some truckers opt to use tires that are designed to be regenerated or retreaded as they may think maintaining tires is less expensive than buying new tires. Though retreaded truck tires are durable like brand new tires, there are some situations that it may also malfunction. Retreaded truck tires are at high-risk of blowouts during operations if truck operators overlook potential tire problems like improper tire retreading.

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